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Attitudes towards Sex over the Centuries

The history of pornography is worthy of a social history Master’s Degree at a top University if the last fifty years are anything to go by. This article could be about anything sexual with graphic detail and illustrations and still be published in a mainstream magazine or on the internet without a problem and yet […]

Getting Old with Sex A Distant Memory

If there is one thing old people reflect upon in their dotage it is wondering why they did not behave with more abandon in their earlier days. There is a wonderfully succinct graph doing the rounds which is supposed to reflect the attitude of anyone over the age of about fifty. The vertical line is […]

Keeping the Little Fellow Stiff

There are millions of men around the world suffering in silence because they are too embarrassed to admit to their friends or more importantly, their doctors, that they have difficulty in getting it up. Not being able to get a hard cock when someone you love is willing and desperate for it is extremely frustrating, […]

There Is More than One Way to Describe a Cock

When the Dictaphone was created a number of crude jokes soon followed, like the story of the man in the office who calls out if anyone has got a Dictaphone to which everyone else replies no we haven’t and why don’t you use your finger like everyone else you dirty sod! The English language has […]

The Advance Of Technology

With the increased tolerance of same sex relationships in this modern world, many aids have been developed by industry to aid a more satisfactory bedroom life.

It’s a Plug Jim But Not as We Know it!

Google Knol on butt plug with the story about how I first came upon this little item when I spotted someone wearing one at the gym and consequently ended up buying one. The only thing to remember is that you should not be wearing one when you walk through a metal detector at the airport.

A Look At Cleanliness Through Time

Google knol on anal douche with information about the early civilisations like the Romans in Britain who were particularly bodily clean compared with the general population of England some thousand years later and how it all compares with cleanliness today.

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